Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have had a fantastic time with this workshop! It is very well developed and executed. I had some trouble understanding how to embed a few things to my blog, but I figured them out in the end. Even though I spent countless hours trying to figure things out, it was still well worth it. You definitly learn by doing. I even surprised myself and found things I normally wouldn't have. I am hoping to incorporate a classroom blog or wiki in the upcoming school year, if I don't forget how to do all of the cool stuff that I have learned. You know how it is at the beginning of school with all that there is to do. Hopefully, when things slow down, I can get these new things started.
This program was truly something that I needed to do. I have learned so much. Technology is not one of my strong points. I needed to learn more to stay up with all of the kiddos. My fifth grader was blogging and podcasting this year at school. I was very lost and sad that I had no idea about those things. My son was smarter than me on the computer. Teachers need to keep up with the times so we can effectively do our jobs...which is teach. We don't need the kids to teach us. Even though I teach first grade, I need to know about the technology that's out there to use. I feel much better about myself now that I have completed my things.


  1. Congratulations on finishing 23 things. Your blog looks great. I love your creativity.

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  3. You've done a GREAT job! Way to go! :)